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#SampleSunday: Reva corners Alex

finally got past my ridiculous block and the words are flowing, ya’ll. So excited to share this sample of Lumen Cove with you.

If you didn’t already know, Lumen Cove is my current WIP about a teacher falling for a student and all the roadblocks and headaches that go along with it. For a more in-depth summary, click here.

This particular snippet features Kelsey’s best friend, Reva, doing some damage control with Alex in order to clear the air between him and Kelsey. Little does Reva know the tension between Alex and Kelsey has nothing to do with a wayward text message and everything to do with the fact that they slept together for the first time the night before.

Get the popcorn kiddos things are heating up!


“Mr. Danvers,” a hesitant voice said from in front of his desk and he looked up to find Reva Sarno looking back at him concerned. She was the only student left in the room. He eyed the open door.

“How can I help you Miss Sarno?” he asked with a sigh, fatigue evident in his voice. She frowned.

“Please don’t get mad at Kelsey for missing class,” she said and Alex fought the roll of his eyes. “She’s had a really terrible day, and she’s just embarrassed.”

Alex froze, his eyes snapping to hers and she jumped at the intensity of his gaze. Holy hell.

“What do you mean she’s embarrassed?” Alex asked, his voice low with fabricated calm.  Reva blinked at him.

“She told me what happened. You’ve gotta know Kelsey doesn’t do stuff like that on the regular,” Reva said and Alex’s heart began to pound. “She’s a ‘good girl,’ ya know,” Reva said making air quotes and smiling.

“S-s-she told you? About… about what happened?” Alex asked, his mouth so dry he nearly choked on the words.

“Yeah,” Reva said with a careless shrug of her shoulder. “I mean I did have to practically drag it out of her. I know it’s super embarrassing but you should know all of us do it. It’s a generational thing.”

Alex’s eyebrows creased. “I’m sorry, I don’t-”

“Look if you could just text her or something and say she’s not in trouble and you’re not going to stop tutoring her or whatever, it’d go a long way,” Reva said with a nod and she didn’t understand why he looked so pale all of a sudden.

“You think I… I should text her?” Alex sputtered and Reva nodded looking at him as if he were dense. “I’m supposed to text her about this?”

“Well, yeah,” Reva said snorting and shaking her head as if this wasn’t absurd. Maybe it wasn’t. Maybe this was how teenagers handled losing their virginity now. “Are you okay?” Reva asked taking in his stunned face and then she gasped. “Oh… oh Mr. Danvers don’t worry,” Reva said waving her arms. “I’m not gonna tell anybody. I know you would get in super a lot of trouble even though she was the one that sent it to you.”

Alex had a hand to his chest, really worried that he might actually be having heart palpitations when her words sunk in. “Sent me what?” he asked.

“The text message,” Reva said blinking at him and Alex gave her a blank stare.

“Wait a minute,” Alex said holding his hands out in front of him. “What are you talking about?”

“The text message about bending her over a desk. She was talking with a guy and sent it to you by mistake,” Reva said and Alex’s eyes widened and he jerked so hard Reva heard his knee collide with the underside of the desk. “Was that not what you were talking about?”

“Yes!” Alex practically shouted and Reva jumped. “Yes, it was I just- What do you mean another guy?”

“Yeah,” Reva said with a shrug. “You know us crazy teens and our sexting,” she said nodding and then looked horrified when she realized what she’d said. “I mean uh, not that Kelsey does that. Or me.”

“But you said-“

“I mean yeah she did that once when she accidentally sent it to you. But it wasn’t, like, about you. That would be inappropriate.” Reva said, her face a mask of seriousness and Alex didn’t know what was going on but he saw an opportunity to get some insight about Kelsey from probably the best source available.

“Is that why she’s been acting weird?” he ventured and Reva’s eyes widened.

“Okay, so you’ve noticed it too!” Reva threw her hands in the air as if she were finally vindicated. “She’s been super sketch lately, like coming home super late and just, like, disappearing for hours at a time, not returning texts.” Reva shook her head looking out the window. “And she’s been lying…”

“Lying?” Alex asked, feeling a tinge of nervousness.

“Yeah. She thinks I believe her because I don’t call her out on it but I know, Mr. Danvers. I’ve been friends with that girl for seventeen years and she is the world’s shittiest liar,” Reva said with a snort. “I just wish I knew what she was lying about.” She frowned out the window again before looking at him. “You don’t know where she’s been, do you?”

“Me? Why would I know?” Alex asked, his voice cracking and he could see Reva fighting a smile but she had the decency to move on without comment.

“She spends more time with you nowadays than with anyone else,” Reva said with a shrug and Alex could feel his ears heating up.

“I wouldn’t go that far,” he muttered and Reva sighed.

“Anyway, don’t give her detention or anything, please? She’s just super awkward and embarrassed.” Reva squinted her eyes as if something were dawning on her and she crossed her arms. “You know she also might have gotten her period.”

Alex’s eyes bulged before he snapped them shut, shaking his head as if it would fling what he’d just heard out of his mind.

“I mean that totally makes sense, right? Why would she insist on going to the bathroom before the bell when she could have just gotten a pass? And then when she didn’t come back… you know it probably ruined her-”

“Miss Sarno if you stop talking right now I promise I won’t give either of you detention,” Alex said finally and Reva looked at him confused.

“Why would you give me detention?”

“Because you’re bothering me. Go home,” he said and Reva blinked at him, his words taking a second to sink in. Then she laughed shaking her head.

“Kelsey said you were funny.” She looked at him for a beat longer than he was comfortable with. “Don’t worry Mr. Danvers I’ll get to the bottom of it,” She said with a nod. “I have a sixth sense for deception,” She tapped her temple. “And it’s Kelsey; what kind of deep dark secret could she be hiding?”

Alex coughed. “Ex-exactly.”

“Okay well, I’ll see you on Monday. Have a good weekend, Mr. Danvers,” she said brightly and gave him a real genuine smile, not her usually flirtatious smirk and he watched her go, not entirely sure what kind of conversation had transpired between them.

He was even more conflicted and confused now than he had been before. Was Kelsey seeing someone else? Reva had been right, though he would never have admitted it to her, they had been spending the majority of their time together for the past two weeks. When did she have time to date someone else?

Listen to yourself. Someone else? As if you two are dating?

Alex shook his head, his elbows thumping onto the desk as he rubbed his face hard. He didn’t know how he was going to do it but he had to talk to Kelsey. If she had regrets, if she hated him if she was embarrassed it didn’t matter. This couldn’t hang between them unaddressed forever. She couldn’t continue to skip class and expect him to pass her. At least that’s what he told himself because admitting that he couldn’t stand not knowing where they stood with each other was too much for him to handle right now.


So what did ya’ll think? Give me some feedback in the comments or @ me on twitter @dianneinwriting

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