Is anything really off-limits when it comes to love?

In the tiny coastal town of Lambency, Alabama, a quiet condo complex called Lumen Cove is a little piece of paradise on the beach. Living in such close quarters is bound to bring drama, but when a forbidden romance blossoms between the local STEM prodigy and the hottest teacher in school the scandal could be the end of a career or the start of something more.

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Alex knew he wasn’t being fair. Kelsey was little more than a child and he was asking her to be the sole decision maker on something that could drastically affect both their lives. He wanted to tell her exactly what he wanted but he was afraid to influence her decision. He wanted her to want this, to take the risk of her own volition, not just because he desired her.

Available Now ($3.99)

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Meet Kelsey

STEM whiz Kelsey Charming is struggling to manage her senior year of high school, her newly appointed spot in the homeowners association after the death of her grandmother and her absentee father that is not so absent now that there are potential rental properties at stake. Add in a slew of advanced AP classes, including English with the most difficult (and hottest) teacher in school and Winter Cotillion right around the corner Kelsey is feeling the pressure. Can she juggle new responsibilities and a secret that could destroy her life and another if it got out?

Meet Alex

Alex Danvers is perfectly happy with his bachelor lifestyle. He's content with his job as an English teacher at Lambency High, lives for taking his sailboat, the Echo Delta, out on the water and finally has his condo and rental property at Lumen Cove renovated. But his world is about to be turned upside down when he's talked in to helping the school STEM prodigy make it through his Senior AP course. Add in an unexpected visitor from his past, a secret that could ruin his career and a literal life and death choice and Alex is brought to the brink of just how much he can handle.

Dianne Frost

Dianne Frost is a short story author, novelist, and blogger.

Dianne Frost is a fiction writer from Atlanta, Georgia by way of Southern Illinois.She has two cats, Tyrion and Victoire, spends way too much time watching netflix and not enough time at the gym. Her first original novel, Lumen Cove, will be available Fall 2017.