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#TeaserTuesday: Fitzwilliam Darcy is a Douchebag

Hello, Constant Reader! Just wanted to give you a little tease of Lumen Cove which releases in TWO DAYS!

One of my favorite dynamics in this story is between Kelsey’s two friends, Reva and Logan. I love how everyone around them has to suffer through their constant bickering. It’s new for Alex Danvers, their Senior Lit teacher, but for Kelsey and Elliot, who have been listening to them bitch at each other since they were eight years old, it’s become pretty exhausting.


“Darcy is a complete douchebag.”

Alex struggled not to roll his eyes as the class tittered and giggled. “Language, Mr. Key.”

“He is so not a douchebag,” Reva insisted, her face screwing up as she swiveled in her seat to look back at Logan. “He took Elizabeth’s ‘no’ for an answer, which is more than I can say for some guys around here.” She swiveled back to face the front for emphasis.

Logan huffed. “I’m sorry the entire town thinks he’s a douchebag.”


“LoKey!” Reva interjected her hands raising with her voice but not turning. For a second Alex thought she had sworn in some kind of slang he was unfamiliar with and opened his mouth to intervene when Elliot Braum’s muffled voice came from where he dropped his head onto his folded arms.

“Do you guys ever stop arguing?”

“She’s delusional.”

“He’s an asshole!” Reva exclaimed. Alex cleared his throat loudly. “Sorry, Mr. Danvers,” she muttered, waving a disconcerted hand in the air.

“Reva, we were asked to give our opinion on the characters in the novel.”

Alex’s eyes fell on Kelsey Charming who looked utterly bored as she twirled a pen between her fingers while the other hand supported the weight of her cheek as she leaned heavily on her elbow.

“And LoKey did that. Then you gave your opinion and now it’s someone else’s turn,” Kelsey finished waving her pen in a circular motion indicating the rest of the room. Reva frowned at her.

“Yes, thank you Miss Charming. Tell us what you think of Mr. Darcy,” Alex said, leaning back against the front of his desk. Suddenly Kelsey was ramrod straight in her seat, her eyes wide.

“Er… I didn’t mean me,” she said followed by a nervous chuckle.

“Doesn’t matter,” Alex said. “Fitzwilliam Darcy, Dreamboat or D…” Alex paused nearly repeating Logan’s colorful description. “Discourteous suitor?”

A low chuckle rumbled from the left side of the room as Cody Alger said, “Nice save, Mr. Danvers.” The rest of the class tittered again. Alex gave him a taciturn smile before turning back to Kelsey who was whispering furiously with Reva.

“Miss Charming?”

Kelsey looked at him again.

“I agree with Reva,” she said firmly and a smile tugged at the corners of Reva’s lips as she tossed her hair, preening. Logan groaned behind her.

Alex looked from Kelsey to Reva for a beat before asking, “Why?”

Kelsey looked nervously from him to the girl next to her as a fine blush crept up her neck. “Um…”

She jumped as the bell sounded loudly in the hall and almost immediately the thunder of hundreds of students getting up from their desks sounded through the entire building.

“Saved by the bell, Miss Charming,” Alex called over the desks screeching against the floor as gangling teenagers tried to extricate themselves from them.


So what did you think? Have you pre-ordered your copy of Lumen Cove? What are you waiting for?!



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